Jeanie Franz RansomJeanie Franz Ransom has written several books for children, including What Parents Do When You're Not Home (Peachtree), Don't Squeal Unless It's a Big Deal: A Tale of Tattletales (Magination Press), and Grandma U (Peachtree).

Jeanie sold her first story when she was seventeen to—where else?—Seventeen magazine. Since then, she's been an advertising copywriter, an editor and writer at a bed-and-breakfast travel magazine, and a freelance writer for numerous regional and national magazines. Along the way, she earned a master's degree in counseling and worked as an elementary school counselor.

Jeanie started writing for children when she had children. Jeanie plans to have lots more books, but not more kids. (College is expensive!)

When Jeanie isn't writing, visiting schools, or speaking at conferences, she's working with kids at her part-time counseling job, or making lattes at the local Starbucks. Jeanie lives with her family near St. Louis, Missouri.

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