Asking herself, What if the Little Mermaid left a child behind? Annet Schaap weaves a fantastical story inspired by both the light and the dark of      fairytales

     As the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, Lampie must light a lantern to warn ships away from the rocks. But when a ship is wrecked, the townspeople are      angry, and someone must pay. To work off her debt, Lampie is banished to the Admiral's lonely house, where a monster is rumored to live. The terrors      inside the house aren't quite what she thought they would be--they are even stranger. After Lampie saves the life of the neglected, deformed son of      the admiral, a boy she calls Fish, they form a close bond. Soon they are pulled into a fairytale adventure swimming with mermaids, pirates, and misfits.      Lampie will discover the courage to fight for friendship, knowledge, and the freedom to be different.

     Having been abandoned by those on land, the two children join up with other misfits, mermaids, and pirates for a daring maritime adventure. Lampie      must muster the courage to fight for friendship and the freedom to be different—both on land and in the sea.

        "Gritty and suspenseful, this atmospheric fairy tale will capture the hearts of sturdy middle-grade readers."      —Kirkus Reviews

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Annet was born in Ochten and grew up in the village of Maartensdijk, near Utrecht. She studied illustration at the Kunstacademie in Kampen and at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She has been working as an illustrator for thirty years and has illustrated over 200 books, including the How Do I Survive series, the Superjuffie series, and the work of Jacques Vriens. Annet spent two and a half years traveling across North America in a motorhome named “Molly” with her husband and son.Her debut novel, Lampje, was first published in her home country of the Netherlands, where she now lives with her family. Lampje has won four prizes, including the best Dutch children’s book of the year for 2018; it has been released in the UK as Lampie and the Children of the Sea and is now available in the United States as Of Salt & Shore.

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